Living in a coastal area of exceptional beauty in northwest Co. Sligo, we have experienced first hand the nourishing and healing qualities of the indigenous coastal plants. Dedicated to sharing our knowledge and making the curative power of the Atlantic Ocean accessible to you we founded Atlantavive. Our objective has always been to formulate natural, organic health and skincare products of the finest quality, craftsmanship and simplicity.

Ocean Oak seaweed has been used to renew, rehydrate and renourish the skin for years. We are bringing you nature’s best kept secret.

Liz, Atlantavive

We believe that in order to deliver the highest quality product to our customer we must respect the natural production of our ingredient, so together with our harvesters, a local family who have been gathering seaweed for generations, we sustainably harvest between October and March, when the nutritious value of the seaweed is at it’s peak. We are dedicated to producing a reliable product without destroying its environment.

Atlantavive aims to bridge the gap between modern skincare and the restorative power of seaweed. We are committed to providing the highest quality organic skin care, that reflects the beauty of its natural environment. A simple philosophy that will inspire all of our products.