Ocean Oak is a particular type of brown seaweed known for its medicinal properties and anti-aging benefits. For centuries Ocean Oak seaweed has been used to renew, hydrate and renourish the skin. We are commited to bringing nature’s best kept secrets to you.

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Renourish, Rehydate, Revive:
The Benefits of Ocean Oak

1. Renourishing Medicinal Properties

Ocean Oak seaweed has scientifically proven health and skincare benefits. Originally used as a medicinal source of iodine. It is filled with mineral elements that are recognised for their soothing restorative powers, perfect for combating eczema, rashes and sunburn.

2. Hydrating & Anti-Aging Effects

The natural properties found in Ocean Oak seaweed respects the skin by cleansing it gently. Proven to rehydrate dry, irritated skin and improve elasticity. It removes toxins that cause wrinkles and fluid retention. The warm water opens pours, allowing the natural oils and minerals moisturise leaving skin feeling rejuvinated and soft. Suitable for all skin types and ages.

3. Revive the Mind

The importance of relaxing from the strains of modern life cannot be underestimated. Our Ocean Oak seaweed bath allows you to relax and unwind mentally. The steamy seaweed vapour and warm, oil infused water creates a calming effect allowing your mind to escape and muscles to relax.